September Piece of the Month
Posted by Neil Corke on 06 September 2011 08:56 AM
Capturing the Essence of Autumn


With autumn now on the horizon and delicious harvest produce readily available at the shops, it’s time to bring out the casseroles and simmer a lovely pot of soup or stew. Our 20cm Casserole is the September Piece of the Month, the

August Piece of the Month
Posted by Neil Corke on 01 August 2011 08:24 AM

The 28cm Frying Pan is one of our most popular pieces.  That’s why we’re featuring this versatile copper beauty in the month of August.  Our entire range of frying pans possess the attributes which make cooking at higher heat settings successful without scorching.  The copper distributes heat evenly, the design of the pan ensuring greater surface area.  The stainless steel

Many New Developments!
Posted by Neil Corke on 15 May 2011 02:37 PM

Spring Sautee


May brings fresh produce to the table once more, the fresh vegetables and herbs ideally suited to flavoursome sautés. Our Piece of the Month is the 28cm Saute Pan with helper handle.  Enjoy fresh POTMC savings and enjoy preparing foods in a manner that retains the moisture and texture of each recipe component. Sauteing, in general, differs from frying in that meats are usually

Now save up to 25% with a customised cookware set
Posted by Carol Corke on 07 February 2011 04:47 PM

Many of our customers have asked if it's possible to receive a multi-piece discount on customised sets. The answer, you'll be happy to know, is a resounding yes. We

Wok Like an Epicurean
Posted by Carol Corke on 01 February 2011 09:14 PM


"Having varied uses or many functions." There you have it, straight from the dictionary.  But we can assure you that our wok redfines versatility entirely in culinary terms.  Much in use in our own kitchen, this multi purpose vessel steams

Roasting Over an Open Fire?
Posted by Carol Corke on 09 December 2010 11:33 AM

Historically the term, "roasting," referred only to the process of cooking over and open flame.  With more sophisticated cooking processes being introduced through the centuries, today the term refers to methods which use dry heat. The application of even