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Posted by Neil Corke on 15 May 2011 02:37 PM

Spring Sautee


May brings fresh produce to the table once more, the fresh vegetables and herbs ideally suited to flavoursome sautés. Our Piece of the Month is the 28cm Saute Pan with helper handle.  Enjoy fresh POTMC savings and enjoy preparing foods in a manner that retains the moisture and texture of each recipe component. Sauteing, in general, differs from frying in that meats are usually sliced into smaller servings.  Unlike stir frying, all the recipe components are cooked together using a fairly high heat setting.  Our 28cm Saute Pan is sure to please, and the savings of £50.00 off the regular retail price will keep a smile on your face as well as a bit of extra cash in your wallet. At £219.99, we’re sure you’ll agree this is outstanding value.

Sauteeing and Even Heat Distribution.


Our professional grade 28cm copper saute pan can handle larger portions whilst maintaining the heat, moisture, texture and flavour of food.  As sautéing is done over a fairly high heat setting, this where the brilliance of bimetal technology really shines.  Falk Culinair's patented manufacturing process bonds a 2.3mm solid copper plate to a fine 0.2mm layer of stainless steel, with scorch free results.  Copper is unsurpassed in even heat distribution, whilst hygienic stainless steel respects the flavours of food preserving the integrity of each and every recipe.  This 28cm saute pan will delight professional chefs and recreational cooks alike, and with the ergonomic cast iron handle it's easy to use. Best of all, the brushed surfaces are simple to clean.  Set your culinary imagination free as you assemble ingredients. Sweet bell peppers, crisp celery, oriental cabbage, corgettes, asparagus, garlic, fresh ginger.  Add finely chopped herbs to the final minutes of cooking and you’ll have a winning combination.  Add fresh fish or lean meat or poulty for a healthy meal.  Keep sauces simple and flavours clean a sharp.  A splash of white wine, a dash of vegetable stock, salt and pepper. Mm, set a place for me!

Quick Notes


A word about cleaning; Promptly pouring hot water into your cookware after use will save much time and energy as clean up will be made so much easier.  One of our customers shared that he takes kitchen paper and places it into his cookware after use, pouring the hot water over this.  He swears this eliminates the need for scrubbing every time, simply lifting away food debris like a magic eraser.  We’ve been so pleased with customer feedback that we’d like to invite your comments.  Each month we will select a name at random amongst those who have commented. The lucky person will receive a discount voucher for £50.00 to apply to a future purchase.  Celebrate the delight of cooking on Falk Culinair cookware and share your experience and thoughts.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next lucky customer. Also of note, look for five new sets debuing next month.  We're striving to respond to our customers needs and these new sets aim to give you more choice and more savings. 





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