September Piece of the Month
Posted by Neil Corke on 06 September 2011 08:56 AM

Capturing the Essence of Autumn

20cm casserole


With autumn now on the horizon and delicious harvest produce readily available at the shops, it’s time to bring out the casseroles and simmer a lovely pot of soup or stew. Our 20cm Casserole is the September Piece of the Month, the ideal product to bring the wholesome goodness of soup to your table. 


This smaller version of our popular casserole is perfect for couples, small families and single folk   Roomy without being too vast.  As with all of our products, the 20cm Casserole is constructed of patented Falk Culinair bimetal technology, combining a fine layer of stainless steel to the interior of a solid copper plate.  The result as always is optimum heat conductivity for superb recipe performance as well as hygienic stainless steel to protect foods from unhealthy interactions as with other metals.


We’re enjoying the harvest with our Piece of the Month Club members by offering the 20cm Casserole at a substantial reduction off the regular retail price.  Now, in the Month of September you can add to your collection of heirloom quality cookware at a huge savings. Normally priced much higher, it can be yours for the Piece of the Month Club Price of only £144.99.  Yes, that’s right, you save a generous £50.  At Falk Culinair UK it’s our pleasure to offer a product of exceeding quality to our customers along with providing real value for money.  Capture the essence of autumn savings now. 

Safe Handling of Produce


Bacteria which can be harmful to humans can be present on fruit and veg.  Wash thoroughly and prepare on clean surfaces.  Avoid storing near meats or fish.  Keeping a clean refrigerator, work surface and clean hands aids in avoiding the transmission of harmful bacteria. As usual, a bit of care and common sense can avoid a world of grief.

Jam Pots and Sugar Pans

A quick note to those of you who use the harvest season as an opportunity to can vegetables and fruits and make jams, preserves and chutneys.  Should there be sufficient interest in the unique Falk Culinair solid  pure copper jam pot or sugar pan, we shall offer these at a Piece of the Month Club in October.  Please feel free to offer your feedback, and as usual we reward our faithful reader by selecting a comment at random, offering a discount voucher to the author for use on future purchases.

Until next month,

bon appetite!

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