August Piece of the Month
Posted by Neil Corke on 01 August 2011 08:24 AM

The 28cm Frying Pan is one of our most popular pieces.  That’s why we’re featuring this versatile copper beauty in the month of August.  Our entire range of frying pans possess the attributes which make cooking at higher heat settings successful without scorching.  The copper distributes heat evenly, the design of the pan ensuring greater surface area.  The stainless steel interior promotes hygienic cooking with no interaction between the ingredients and the metal.  The cast iron handle fits the hand comfortably for an effective and safe cooking experience.  Steaks and chops will finish to perfection, and as with all our cookware, the 28cm Frying Pan will clean up easily when soaked with warm soapy water.  We’re offering this useful 28cm frying pan at a substantial savings.  The regular retail price of £189.99 is now slashed to only £149.99. That’s a fair bit of change to take on your summer hols!


Frying High

Well, high heat, that is.  When frying foods, a few sensible tips and precautions can make the difference between success and failure.  Always remember to warm the pan before adding ingredients, as well as allowing oil to become hot before placing foods into the pan.  Also, never put salt into a cold pan as salt can etch stainless steel if undissolved. Also, less really is more when it comes to fats and oils.  Better to go light both for the sake of flavour of for the health benefits of lower fat diet.  It’s always possible to add a bit of oil, but taking it away can be dangerous.  Many kitchen fires begin with oils splashed on burners, so use good judgment. The higher heat settings when frying ensure that foods are seared, capturing the juices within.  If the heat isn’t high enough, the texture and flavour will be substantially compromised, the food boiling as opposed to frying.  Once the dish is suitably browned, the temperature may be lowered for the balance of the cooking time. A note about the superior heat conductivity of copper is in order.  It is advisable to use a lower heat setting than you normally would with other cookware, as the heat is distributed and maintained superbly in copper cookware.


Rewarding Your Words


As promised, we chose one comment at random this month from among all the comments posted on the Falk Culinair UK site.  Our lucky customer is Alwyn Cooper from Cardiff.  Alwyn has earned a £50 Falk Culinair voucher to use on future purchases.  We’d like to continue thanking our customers for feedback and useful tips by selecting a comment each month.  If you have something you’d like to say about our products or service or have tips to share, leave a post on our website and perhaps yours will be the lucky message chosen in future months. 

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