When a young industrial engineer named Paul Van Achter perfected the technique of bonding stainless steel to copper in 1983 he was unaware that it was about to revolutionise the way copper cookware had been manufactured for more than 200 years.

Up until then, copper cookware was typically lined with a thin layer of tin, which while providing the necessary separation between the food being cooked and thermally conductive copper was by no means an ideal solution.&nbsp: Tin has a melting point of only 232 degrees Celsius making it unsuitable for cooking at high temperatures, and requires periodic, and expensive, relining.

Stainless steel on the other hand is practically indestructible, and is totally hygienic, but does not possess the same conductive properties of copper. &nbsp:The interior lining therefore had to be very thin (0.2mm) so as not to diminish the superior heat distribution and control, which had made copper cookware so highly regarded by chefs around the world.

Copper is a soft, or ductile, metal, which makes it is easy to shape with hand tools when heated. &nbsp:Stainless steel is much less ductile requiring specialist machinery to press and shape.

The major challenge faced by Paul when attempting to laminate a thin layer of stainless steel and a thick layer of copper plate was creating a permanent bond between the two very different metals, that would not separate when these were pressed to form the vessels of pots and pans.

The bond between the metals is created by pressing these together under very high pressure (850 tonnes/cm²) resulting in a metallic “intercristalline” connection.

Three years of trial and error finally resulted in the discovery of heat resistors, which when added to the lamination process, allowed the bimetal to be heated to a temperature high enough to obtain the required ductility for pressing.

The final result soon became the “gold standard” of cookware and was quickly adopted by the other manufacturers of high quality copper cookware who now use this same bimetal for their premium product lines.

In short No!

As you may be aware, the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union and the transition period ended on December 31, 2020, after which goods sent from the UK to any European country are now imported like goods from other countries outside the EU, such as the USA. Conversely, goods imported into the UK from the EU are now subject to customs clearance, and duties.

To avoid delays, additional delivery costs and/or import duties for our European customers, all orders for delivery within the European Union are now being despatched from Belgium.

We have an EU website with all products priced in euros:

For customers in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland,, orders will continue to be despatched from our existing UK warehouse in Cambridgeshire, thereby ensuring these orders are not delayed by customs clearance, or subject to import duties etc.

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Let’s start with the few countries we don’t ship to, internationally, as there are established Falk Culinair distributors with local warehouses to serve customers in these countries:

United Kingdom

Telephone: 0800 133 7560

United States

Telephone: 888-404-9160


Telephone: 855 666 0998

Orders to Mainland Europe (including Switzerland), plus the EEA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, can be ordered directly from our web store here: where we also feature all current offers and promotions.

Orders exported to countries outside of the European Union, or the countries listed above, are normally sent via DHL, Fedex or UPS. The shipping cost of these orders is calculated on both the weight and volume of the package. To ensure our customers receive the best rates, we check the shipping price of every export order with each of the major couriers, which requires these orders to be processed off-line.

If you would like to receive a quotation for any our products, including delivery to a non- EU country, please contact our concierge department with details of the pieces you require along with the delivery address.

For your peace of mind, all items purchased on this website are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for as long as you own the product, unless otherwise stated. If a manufacturing defect is discovered, we will be happy to repair or replace your product.

A manufacturing defect is defined as any fault in the product materials or workmanship, which is present at the date of delivery, but not necessarily visible.

The following conditions are not classed as manufacturing defects, and will not be covered by our warranty:

  1. Normal wear and tear
  2. Product misuse/abuse
  3. Accidental damage
  4. Any product not used or maintained in accordance with the Care & Use Instructions
  5. Any product that has been modified or repaired by anyone other than Falk Culinair N.V.
  6. Discoloration, or marking, of stainless steel pan linings caused by salt crystals
  7. Discoloration, or marking, of copper vessels caused by oxidation and/or heat
  8. Discoloration, or marking, of copper vessels caused by a mechanical dishwasher

Before any refund or replacement can be processed, we may require you to return the faulty product for inspection. As there are occasions where it may not be necessary to send the product back, please contact us before returning any items. In many cases, we may simply ask for photographs of the product fault.

If you are required to return the product to us, please make sure you package this adequately to prevent damage. We do not accept liability for returned packages damaged during transit to us.

Your warranty is only valid if you have a valid proof of purchase. If the item was not purchased directly from us, please contact the retailer that the product was purchased from to arrange any return, exchange or refund.

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.


We do indeed have a mailing list which is private and will not be sold or shared with any other entity. You may subscribe to our mailing list by selecting the option on your account page, or if you don't have an account you can register here to receive our Piece of the Month Club update. Subscribers will receive an e-mail once a month which will feature a different popular piece from our extensive range at a substantial readers-only discount. Also included will be information regarding new products, promotions, and updates to the Falk Culinair U.K. web site from time to time. You can unsubscribe at any time by de-selecting the option on your account page, or by following the instructions at the end of the emails we send to you.
All of our products are listed in convenient categories which can be accessed through the menu in the sidebar. The categories are listed in the sidebar as "copper pans", "copper pots" and "other pieces." Clicking on any one of those three categories displays a sub menu with individual groups such as saucepans, frying pans, casseroles and so on.  Click any one of these to display the individual items in each sub category. Alternatively there is also a search feature available at the top right of the website. If you're unable to find a specific item, please contact us. If you have a general question please contact us via this page.
A signature is required upon receipt of your order. You'll need to ensure someone is available to sign for your delivery. In the event of there not being an available signatory, the delivery driver will leave a note to say delivery was attempted and you will then be able to contact them directly to arrange a convenient delivery time. In the absence of your contacting the carrier Interlink will attempt to deliver to you two further times, before returning the goods to us.
Unfortunately, once we have received your order it will be processed immediately so any additions will need to be sent to us as a new order.
You will receive an e-mail confirmation from us immediately once we have received your order.

We accept payments via our web site by the following credit and debit cards:

  • MasterCard
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If you wish to pay by other means, such as cheque or bank transfer, please contact us.

All of our cookware is shipped from our Fulfilment Centre in the UK by Interlink and will normally be delivered on the next business day during normal working hours.
UK orders are delivered within 2 to 3 business days following receipt of the order. In the event of an item being out of stock or unavailable, we will inform you by email.

Orders can be collected by approved courier, from our distribution warehouse in Ely, Cambridgeshire from 10am on the next business day after this has been placed via our website.

All products will be protectively wrapped and packed in a stout cardboard box. There is no charge for this service.

Please select "collect from warehouse" under delivery options when completing your order and we will contact you to coordinate collection.

Because our cookware is made from thick 2.5mm professional grade bi-metal it is not cheap to ship overseas.  We use several different courier companies depending on the destination.  For most European countries we have obtained competitive fixed rates from one, or more, courier companies and can offer a fixed price for delivery enabling this to be included when placing an order online.

For other destinations, shipping rates are calculated using the box dimensions as well as the gross weight.  To ensure our customers receive the best possible shipping rate we obtain quotes for these individually, checking for the most competitive price with each courier company.

It is therefore not possible to display the delivery charges for all countries.  If you would like be advised of the shipping cost before placing your order, please contact us with a list of the items you wish to purchase, or send a screenshot with your Shopping Basket contents, and we will check the shipping rates and send you a quotation.

Exposure to heat, air and humidity can all change the appearance of copper.  As kitchens are often hot and humid, this can occur without even using your cookware.

The process is called oxidation and happens when the copper combines with the oxygen in air and involves the transfer of electrons.

This can cause the color of the copper to change and can give rise to areas of discoloration.  Copper may turn a deeper orange, a pinkish shade or can even develop purple or blue streaks.

Such discoloration is only on the surface and can be removed with any polish suitable for copper. Alternatively, rubbing half a lemon and salt on the surface is an effective organic method of cleaning copper cookware.

Falk Culinair's copper and stainless steel surfaces have been brushed to create a satinated surface as opposed to a mirror finish like other brands. What this does is reduce the work necessary to keep your cookware glowing like new. 

For general cleaning after cooking, washing by hand in warm soapy water is normally all you will need. For baked on food debris, soak in hot soapy water for an hour then wash as usual. That's all that's needed to lift away even stubborn cooked on foods.

Copper oxidises, which means that the atmosphere we breathe affects the electrons in the surface of the metal, causing a greenish colour to coat the exterior of the copper.  This is referred to as patina and is actually prized and preferred by many professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Just as some chefs "season" cast iron cooking vessels, this patina indicates that solid copper cookware has been seasoned.  To remove the patina, use a Scotch Brite pad or similar scrubbing pad, along with a cleaning paste intended for copper, to restore the bright copper colour. This darkening of the copper on your cookware or other copper household items does not mean the copper is wearing off or that anything at all is wrong. It does not affect the cooking experience or performance of the cookware and should be considered an aesthetic preference only. This oxidation is a natural phenomenon due to the way carbon dioxide in the air interacts with the metal.

We're happy to provide a sample cleaning pad for you to try with your order.  We've discovered that a light touch is more effective than vigorous rubbing, scouring in the direction of the pattern brushed into the metal, much as you might rub along the grain of wood. Avoid circular scouring motions.

Wire wool and other metal based scrubbers are not suitable for cleaning your beautiful copper cookware as these can etch the brushed texture of the stainless steel and copper.  

Also, the dishwasher is not suitable for copper of any kind as the detergents and salts will tarnish, etch and corrode the copper.

The cast iron handles may be rubbed with cooking oil to keep the iron from rusting.

As copper conducts heat more efficiently than other metals, it's important to use slightly lower heat settings than normal.  This will avoid unnecessary scorching and reduce the clean up work involved.  

Your Falk Culinair cookware is designed and crafted to last a lifetime, and by observing a few practical care procedures, it will remain in as-new condition indefinitely.

Add the product(s) to your basket in the usual manner then go to checkout where you will find a section "Enter a Coupon or Promotional Code".  Enter your code in the box and then click the "Submit Code" button. The relevant amount will now be deducted from your total.

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. 

We also accept the following debit cards: Visa Electron, Maestro (previously Switch) and Solo.

Alternatively payment can be made by bank transfer, or a cheque drawn on a UK bank.  


You can check the progress of your order, and review your past order history, through the customer account section of our website.

Upon your order being despatched, you will receive notification by email which includes a tracking link with the courier delivering this. 

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