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Seven Step to Cleaning Success

1) Fill It - Don't Drown It

Never submerge your beautiful copper cookware in water for extended periods of time.  The cast iron handle will rust if left to soak in water and the copper will become tarnished. 

Instead, pour hot water into the vessel and add some washing up liquid.  

Let this soak inside of the cookware while you enjoy your meal and the clean up should be simple when the meal is done.

2) Make A Stir!

 Avoid pitting and marking the stainless steel interior by stirring in salt, don't let it sink to the bottom.  

Add to boiling or simmering and stir till dissolved.

3) Not All Utensils Are Created Equal

 Use the best tools for the job.

We recommend the use of wooden or plastic utensils as sharp metal utensils can mark your cookware.

4) Chill Out!

Use hot water inside of your hot cookware when cleaning, as cold water in a hot vessel can cause metal to warp.

5) Prevent Overheating

Match your pot or pan to the right hob ring, especially on gas hobs.

The flames can lick the sides of your vessel during cooking if you put it on a hob ring which is too large. This causes marks as well as overheating the vessel.

And remember, with copper cookware you will require slightly lower heat settings as copper conducts heat more efficiently than other metals.

6) Never Allow To Boil Dry

Keep an eye on simmering liquids and foods- Never allow the fluid to boil dry.

This is the quickest way to damage all cookware. Not to mention ruining a decent meal!

7) Use the Right Cleaning Products

You needn't be a chemist to know your basic chemistry.  

Never use harsh chemicals or chlorine based products to clean your copper.

Use washing up liquid and when desired, a polish intended for copper for best results.

Never use wire wool as this will etch and scratch the lovely brushed finish on the copper and stainless steel.

A rigid plastic scraper can be useful in removing stubborn food debris like scrambled eggs, then follow up with a Scotch Brite, or similar scrubbing sponge.

After washing and drying, a periodic polish with olive oil on the cast iron handle will keep it looking great. Buff vigorously.

Always dry your cookware thoroughly after cleaning.





Exposure to heat, air and humidity can all change the appearance of copper.  As kitchens are often hot and humid, this can occur without even using your cookware.

The process is called oxidation and happens when the copper combines with the oxygen in air and involves the transfer of electrons.

This can cause the color of the copper to change and can give rise to areas of discoloration.  Copper may turn a deeper orange, a pinkish shade or can even develop purple or blue streaks.

Such discoloration is only on the surface and can be removed with any polish suitable for copper. Alternatively, rubbing half a lemon and salt on the surface is an effective organic method of cleaning copper cookware.

No dishwasher

Falk copper cookware should not be put in a mechanical dishwasher as the detergents used in these contain harsh chemicals, which can react with the copper surface causing discoloration, marking, and in extreme cases, pitting.

In addition, this can also result is an undesirable type of oxidation with copper leaving a green deposit on the surface known as verdigris, which may contain poisonous compounds.

We recommend simply washing your copper cookware by hand with warm soapy water and drying this immediately with a soft towel.

Please read the Care and Usage notes on our website for more details on caring for your copper cookware.

Falk Culinair's copper and stainless steel surfaces have been brushed to create a satinated surface as opposed to a mirror finish like other brands. What this does is reduce the work necessary to keep your cookware glowing like new. 

For general cleaning after cooking, washing by hand in warm soapy water is normally all you will need. For baked on food debris, soak in hot soapy water for an hour then wash as usual. That's all that's needed to lift away even stubborn cooked on foods.

Copper oxidises, which means that the atmosphere we breathe affects the electrons in the surface of the metal, causing a greenish colour to coat the exterior of the copper.  This is referred to as patina and is actually prized and preferred by many professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Just as some chefs "season" cast iron cooking vessels, this patina indicates that solid copper cookware has been seasoned.  To remove the patina, use a Scotch Brite pad or similar scrubbing pad, along with a cleaning paste intended for copper, to restore the bright copper colour. This darkening of the copper on your cookware or other copper household items does not mean the copper is wearing off or that anything at all is wrong. It does not affect the cooking experience or performance of the cookware and should be considered an aesthetic preference only. This oxidation is a natural phenomenon due to the way carbon dioxide in the air interacts with the metal.

We're happy to provide a sample cleaning pad for you to try with your order.  We've discovered that a light touch is more effective than vigorous rubbing, scouring in the direction of the pattern brushed into the metal, much as you might rub along the grain of wood. Avoid circular scouring motions.

Wire wool and other metal based scrubbers are not suitable for cleaning your beautiful copper cookware as these can etch the brushed texture of the stainless steel and copper.  

Also, the dishwasher is not suitable for copper of any kind as the detergents and salts will tarnish, etch and corrode the copper.

The cast iron handles may be rubbed with cooking oil to keep the iron from rusting.

As copper conducts heat more efficiently than other metals, it's important to use slightly lower heat settings than normal.  This will avoid unnecessary scorching and reduce the clean up work involved.  

Your Falk Culinair cookware is designed and crafted to last a lifetime, and by observing a few practical care procedures, it will remain in as-new condition indefinitely.

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