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The Falk Culinair Winter Clearance Sale
Posted by Neil Corke on 26 December 2016 04:57 PM

We hope you all enjoyed a delicious Christmas Lunch this year, with some of you using copper cookware for the first time.

This has been another busy year for us and we don’t mind telling you we struggled to keep up with all the orders over the last few weeks.

But thanks to the hard work of our dedicated warehouse team, we were able to deliver every order placed by the Christmas cut off dates on time again this year.

To show how much we appreciate your support, we are now holding an end of year clearance sale. And, to ensure no-one is disappointed, we are reducing the price of every item in our warehouse by 25% off the catalogue prices, subject of course to availability.

So as long as you are quick, you’re guaranteed to find whatever you’re looking for at the best price anywhere.

View our sale bargains here

Every item we make is reduced by at least 25%, plus we are including a complimentary bottle of copper cleaner to keep your purchase looking like new.

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The Falk Culinair "Try Me" Offer
Posted by Neil Corke on 11 July 2014 07:47 AM

We would like to offer you the opportunity to experience the benefits of cooking with cooper cookware and sample the quality of our products at only half the regular price!

The genius of this 18cm solid copper saucier is in the gently curved profile which completely eliminates sharp angles where essential ingredients might stick. Patented Falk bimetal construction combines the superior even heat distribution of copper with the non–reactive properties of stainless for pure food flavour every time you cook. For sauces, reductions, roux and other delicate recipes that require careful regulation of temperature and frequent stirring.

  • Curved profile for recipes which require frequent stirring
  • 2.5mm bimetal construction for superior heat conductivity
  • Non–reactive stainless interiors for pure food flavour
  • Convenient size for approximately four servings

Satinated surfaces make fussy polishing a thing of the past. Ergonomic cast iron handles for a comfortable cooking experience. Falk Culinair. Our clever design outshines, outlasts and outperforms every expectation.

Order here (Use the coupon code: "TRY-ME")


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The Falk “Piece of the Month” just got even better!
Posted by Neil Corke on 04 May 2014 01:41 PM

Since starting the “Piece-of-the-Month Club” in 2010 it has grown to the extent that we now have many customers who look forward to these offers each month, with the featured piece often selling out within just a few days, or sometimes even hours.

We also have a few customers tell us each month that the featured item is not the ideal size for them. Although we normally select the most popular size, we understand that “one size doesn’t fit all”.

So, rather than choosing just one piece, we are now going to feature a whole product category each month!

For example, instead of offering just the 24cm sauté pan this month, every size of sauté pan we make is now available at a special Piece-of-the-Month price!

Copper Saute pans

And next month, we will feature all the sizes in another product category, which means everything we make will eventually be available at “Piece-of-the-Month” prices for those customers who prefer to build their cookware collection one piece at a time, over a period of about 12 months.

Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive details of these offers each month!

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New European website now open!
Posted by Neil Corke on 12 September 2013 12:00 PM

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website this week for customers in all European countries which you can find at:

Please let us know what you think. We love hearing back from our customers!

The entire Falk copper cookware range has been re-photographed for this, and each item is now displayed in multiple views.

As well as a new website, we also now have a new product range! The Falk Signature Range, designed to complement the sleek clean lines of todays modern kitchens.

Featuring intelligent, cool to the touch stainless steel handles, the new Signature Range still possesses all the benefits of our traditional Classical Range: a unique easy-to-maintain brushed copper finish and indestructible stainless steel pan linings which set us apart from other copper cookware manufacturers. And of course the main reason for choosing solid copper cookware: supreme heat distribution.

This website is priced in euros and we have negotiated special delivery rates with DPD for each European country. Every item in our range of copper cookware

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2013 Summer Prize drawing and a bonus surprise
Posted by Neil Corke on 08 August 2013 04:33 PM

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest. It's fantastic to see how many of you love Falk copper cookware as much as we do. We were so pleased with the number of responses we decided to pick a second winner!

Falk 2013 Summer Draw Video

In fact, the entire contest was so much fun, we have decided to do it again at the end of the year. All reviews posted between now and December 31st will automatically be entered.

Plus, ANY piece of Falk Copper Cookware qualifies: from the ultra-affordable "try me" 18cm saucier at 1/2 price right now, to any one of our complete chef's sets... any review puts your name in the hat for our big Christmas contest.

Our congratulations to the winners, and good luck to everyone in the Christmas contest.

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