The Falk “Piece of the Month” just got even better!
Posted by Neil Corke on 04 May 2014 01:41 PM

Since starting the “Piece-of-the-Month Club” in 2010 it has grown to the extent that we now have many customers who look forward to these offers each month, with the featured piece often selling out within just a few days, or sometimes even hours.

We also have a few customers tell us each month that the featured item is not the ideal size for them. Although we normally select the most popular size, we understand that “one size doesn’t fit all”.

So, rather than choosing just one piece, we are now going to feature a whole product category each month!

For example, instead of offering just the 24cm sauté pan this month, every size of sauté pan we make is now available at a special Piece-of-the-Month price!

Copper Saute pans

And next month, we will feature all the sizes in another product category, which means everything we make will eventually be available at “Piece-of-the-Month” prices for those customers who prefer to build their cookware collection one piece at a time, over a period of about 12 months.

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Yingying wang
06 February 2019 01:49 AM
I bought two piece of falk copper cookwares to Japan last year and I loved them too much,they heat evenly and quickly,so I bought two piece too this year and I know I will buy them again . Maybe piece by piece.
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