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Posted by Carol Corke on 01 November 2010 05:00 PM

28cm frying pan

With Bonfire Night so recently past, you may be enjoying dreams of crackling fires and embered fireworks lighting the sky. Though we'd never suggest you place your Falk Culinair pieces over the bonfire, it does do well over the open flame of gas hobs. Just as well, in fact, as with electric elements and solid surface electric cookers.  

Heat.  More accurately the even heat distribution, which is copper's signature attribute, is what makes solid copper so supremely desirable as cooking vessels.  And of course, the stainless steel interior is completely hygienic and will not interact with the foods you're cooking as tin and aluminium might. Falk Culinair's patented bimetal bonding process allows each recipe to be confidently executed without scorching and hot spots.  So, the rich glow copper possesses is only part of the attraction solid copper cookware holds to real enthusiasts.

This thermal heat conductivity is especially useful where higher heat settings are required. The Piece of the Month for November is our 28cm frying pan, which lends itself beautifully to steak and chop preparation. The ideal steak, tender and fragrant, perhaps with herbs and garlic, needs to be cooked at a fairly high temperature. and we're sure you'll quickly discover how well the 28cm frying pan performs at these higher temperatures.

And yes, as with all our featured pieces, the 28cm frying pan is offered at a sizzling hot savings.  It's our pleasure to provide you not only with superior quality solid copper cookware, but also prices that are sure to please.  You can save £40 at our Piece of the Month Club price.  The 28cm frying pan is attractively priced at £149.99 in the Month of November.  Add to your collection of beautiful Falk Culinair cookware at smart savings and enjoy a superior cooking experience.

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